16th December, 2019

9 Best Tools To Communicate With Parents

Teachers often prefer to use old-fashioned methods to communicate with parents. However, with the pace of the world quickening and parents finding it harder to sit down and engage with teachers, there’s a rise in technological advancements to bridge this gap. These tools to communicate with parents are incredibly easy to use and truly revolutionise the degree to which parents can get involved in their child’s learning at school. For the teachers? There’s so much less running around after parents with these simple tools;

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  1. Bulb App  

    Face it – a lot of parent-teacher conversations tend to be about grades. Fortunately, a digital portfolio can keep parents up to speed on their kids’ progress in class. Bulb offers a more personalised – and often more meaningful – way for teachers and parents to connect. What’s best, parents can engage directly with all the great things their kids are doing in school.

  2. Class Blogs  

    Using platforms like Weebly, class blogs can inform parents of the subject matter that is currently being covered. Funny classroom incidents and interesting news can also be shared here. The blog can act as a conversation starter at home, allowing parents to ask children how they find their lessons and engage in the topics further at home. 

  3. School Hub  

    Much like a blog, a school hub can act as an open platform for parents to get insight into the school’s news. A general school hub can also be open to parents for commenting and collaborating.

  4. Email Newsletters  

    A general newsy mailer is always helpful. Parents love to hear what has been going on at school. Newsletters give schools the opportunity to get more support for fundraisers and create a close-knit community vibe.

  5. Messengers apps

    Many platforms have built-in messenger features, however, a standalone messenger like WhatsApp is the most convenient way to get push notifications through to parents. These platforms can simplify communication which can help you to build better relationships with more insight, with parents.

  6. Gradebooks like ThinkWave and LearnBoost 

    These platforms provide students, teachers, and parents with secure access to one cloud-based system where they can access everything from lesson materials and transcripts to report cards and homework.

  7. ClassDojo 

    This platform literally sells the idea of bringing family into the classroom. It makes it easy to share students’ reports and academic progress with parents. The platform has a different set of functions for teachers, parents, and students, which customises the function specifically to the needs of the user.

  8. Kangarootime

    – this platform is ideal for nursery schools and daycare centres. It allows the school to receive payment from parents without the invoicing hassles. It also acts as a perfect communication tool allowing the school to track the child’s meals, entry and exit from the school, performance, and more.

  9. Tadpoles 

    this is the perfect automation tool. Parents are able to make their children as absent and simplify basic communications. Tadpoles also alerts parents to emergencies, allows parents to access children’s schoolwork and ensure the school has all of their medical and emergency information saved.

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Simplify your day

These amazing 9 tools to communicate with parents will allow you to prepare your lessons and deliver them as you normally would while including parents in the topic discussions and the progress that is being made by the children. Wouldn’t you love it if parents would talk to their children about the work that was covered, and give their input too? These tools can empower families to do that.


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