29th July, 2019

3 Tech Advancements To Look Out For In 2020

Technology has come to empower those who would previously have had to skip out on studies or do them from home. As technology integrates further into our daily lives, it advances, meeting the needs of a greater number of people and filling more gaps in society, in terms of what can and can not be done. Naturally, being a tech-focused group, there are a few innovations in the industry’s pipelines that excite us more than the rest!

Educational Games

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It is a well-documented fact that children’s brains absorb enormous amounts of information through play. Their senses are fully engaged. Therefore, educational games are essential for learning, and yet, they’re one of the most under-utilized learning methods. One example of an educational game that’s revolutionising the learning process is Wrecks factor. Children have to respond to the distress calls of ships. In order to do this, they have to factorise quadratic equations. Once there is a clear purpose to solving a math problem, the desire to solve it increases exponentially, rather than simply completing rows upon rows of mind-numbing sums.


Holoportation is an exciting new technology that creates a virtual space. Many people, from opposite corners of the globe, can wear the necessary gear and all appear in that space together. They can see each other, they can see the same room, everything is identical to the way it would be in a real classroom, except that it is all simulated. This can bring together students who are unable to attend normal lessons, giving them a very real experience.  “Wooranna Park Primary School in Dandenong North, Australia, has created a virtual classroom through Minecraft.” Scholars are able to enjoy overseas trips, meet with students from across the globe, and enjoy cultural exchanges – all without leaving the safety of their own homes/schools.

Sign-language translator

Again, we call on technology for a cost-effective means of improving our abilities to include more students with special needs in the mainstream system. Currently, the millions of deaf students around the world have the choice between attending schools for the hearing-impaired (which can often be a geographical challenge for families) or resorting to expensive human translators or constant note-writing in order to communicate at a mainstream school. As such, the experience is difficult. A sign language translator uses motion detection technology to translate the teacher’s lessons in real time, giving the student the content as the other students receive it.

Where is technology headed?

We often assume that sci-fi moves accurately predict the avenue in which technology will go in the future. In actual fact, it is the other way around. Often, scientists take inspiration from films and pursue the advancements they have seen presented in a storyline as a fictional concept.

Should we keep watching films in order to predict where technology is headed? We don’t know. As technological systems advance, they naturally take their own routes. One thing we do anticipate is more personality in these tech updates. Aside from Siri and Alexa, we’ll be seeing more personas and humanoid characteristics.

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