Grants There are plenty of grant opportunities available in the areas of technology, STEM and new developments; however, due to time constraints and a shortage of partners in designing solutions, schools are missing out on the opportunity to apply for grants. We are here to help you design a solution on-demand, and work with you […]

Professional Development (PD)

Professional Development (PD) Our Professional Development program is delivered in three modules from beginner to advanced and aims to enable educators and change-makers in schools to understand STEM and how to leverage it in the areas of interest for themselves and the school. It is a step by step approach to understanding STEM, making it […]

Finance Solutions

Finance Solutions We’ll work with you to tailor a finance option that meets your school’s individual requirements.  Our finance solutions include rental, finance, lease, and asset buy-back, with options to bundle hardware, software, and maintenance costs into a single finance agreement.  We can arrange for the remarketing of your existing redundant technology assets releasing the […]

Connect Ready Devices

Connect Ready Devices Is BYOD, CYOD or SOD the best option for your school?   We’ll work with you to implement a student technology ownership program that equips students with the best devices to help them learn and grow while meeting the financial considerations of parents, the school, and your school’s broader IT environment and […]

Collaborative Classroom

Education & Training Collaborative Classroom We provide collaborative classrooms for hire, integrating modular classroom design with state of the art collaborative classroom technology. We make this innovative and engaging solution affordable through our leasing options.