The science-based online cognitive test committed to helping parents and educators better understand how each student learns so that the student can be given the optimal support to succeed in school and beyond.  Mindprint recommends specific learning strategies for each student based on the student’s cognitive profile in the areas of reasoning, memory, efficiency, and […]

Bulb App Digital Portfolio

An easy to use, web-based digital portfolio where students and educators create, curate, and showcase their smarts, capture ideas, facilitate reflection, and demonstrate growth while sharing projects, assignments, lessons and more.  Bulb users can create their space for sharing knowledge, using any combination of richly-formatted text, images, and video, without any web design or development […]


TipoTapp is a technology platform that enables you to build cloud web and mobile apps quickly and easily to streamline your business operations and workflows.  TipoTapp makes the unaffordable affordable.


weConnect is a cloud-based solution that enables collaborative learning for students and educators to have real-time connectivity, interactivity, and information exchange in the classroom, making education more engaging and fun. weConnect allows users to participate from the convenience of their own devices (BYOD) – not only to share screen content but to collaborate and interact […]